About Us


Our mission is to create the most durable and realistic looking Stamped Concrete possible, that is both cost effective and easy to maintain. 


Unique Concrete is a decorative concrete company. We have been serving north Jersey since 1980. Unique Concrete is an owner operated and family run business that remains hands on for the entire job.  Our crew has over 65 years experience in decorative concrete and over 75 years experience in the masonry trade.  We have the background and knowledge to approach each job in a creative and efficient way.  We offer many different products to our clients.  This product list includes:  Stamped Concrete, Concrete Overlays, MicroCement, Concrete Countertops, Concrete Fire Features, Vertical Concrete, Concrete Flooring, Traditional Stonework, Cultured Stonework.

Stamped Concrete

In our pursuit of this goal, we have made innovations into the process of stamped concrete that are unique to our company. In order to make the concrete stronger, more durable and more resistant to cracking, we’ve added 2 ¼” structural synthetic fibers for three dimensional strength, to work in conjunction with varying sizes of steel rebar in our structural slabs.

This combination allows us to minimize the saw cuts which are necessary to control the potential for cracking. We then make these saw cuts less obvious by designing them into the pattern and hiding them in grout joints. We have also begun in incorporate state of the art liquid pozzolans to our mix.  By treating the concrete itself with high performance admixtures, we can design our concrete to resist stains and the effects of moisture in a freeze-thaw climate, without relying on topical sealers.  To take this a step further, we have begun to move away from traditional topical sealers that are widely used in the decorative concrete industry.  We are now using special topical/penetrating sealers/densifiers that react with the concrete itself.  Since they are reactive they remain part of the surface of the concrete.  As a by product of this process, the finish on the concrete is much more natural and has a low sheen.  

Perhaps the most obvious aesthetic upgrade that we have incorporated into our construction process relates to our treatment of the grout. Our tools actually make deep impressions in the concrete to define the pattern and create the look individual pieces. These impressions are grouted and tooled in the same way that would be done for traditional custom masonry. The color difference between the stamps and grout is permanent. This process does not involve a simulated or faux grout joint that relies on a superficial stain for a color difference.  In order for faux grout joints to remain, those products need frequent resealing, which is a hidden cost of regular stamped concrete.  By eliminating the need for topical sealers to maintain color differences, we have created a much more natural looking product.  It is similar to the natural look you would get from a concrete paver, just without the worries of settling, insects, and weeds.  Finally, for pool areas and places that might encounter bare foot traffic, we rub the entire surface by hand with a grind stone to eliminate any sharp edges.

In conclusion, these innovations create a product that will weather and wear like a concrete paver patio or paver driveway that is installed on a concrete sub -base. There is no weed growth and no uneven settlement issues. The product does not have to be resealed periodically to maintain the integrity of the surface color.

Concrete Resurfacing

We have developed a method of resurfacing concrete that can dramatically change the look of your existing hardscape. This process allows you to update the look of you concrete or add additional areas. We specialize in areas that would normally not be considered as acceptable candidates for concrete overlays. These surfaces can be cracked, spalled, settled, painted, or failed in some way. This process of concrete restoration is reinforced with a combination of wire mesh, steel rods, 2 ¼” structural synthetic fibers and PVA fibers . This concrete overlay is integrally colored and creates a cast-in-place concrete tile or paver, with the look of brick or stone as well as having the structural integrity of heavily reinforced concrete. This product is guaranteed to not delaminate or seperate. The deep impressions that are made in the concrete to define the pattern are actually grouted with an integrally colored, complimentary colored grout. This decorative stamped concrete product will not have any sharp edges that may be uncomfortable for barefoot traffic and will not be slippery.

Our resurfacing overlay can be bonded if the original surface is structurally sound or unbonded if the surface has failed in some way. This is not an application of a sprayed on product or a thin polymer modified concrete. The end result is a decorative concrete product that is durable and easy to maintain. By resurfacing your existing concrete, rather than removal, it causes less damage to your landscaping and shortens the construction time, as well at less material ending up in a land fill. Therefore making it a very “Green” alternative.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops offer a completely customizable, handcrafted surface popular in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor entertaining areas, as well as in restaurants and bars. Concrete counters marry functionality and beauty, giving you the ability to create surfaces in virtually any color, shape or size. Textures and finishes are available to match any design style, including traditional, modern, contemporary, industrial, glam or rustic, plus they are inherently durable and easy to clean and maintain.


MicroCement or Micro-Topping is a re-surfacing material that is about the thickness of as credit card. Micro-Toping is formulated with high strength polymer cement and engineered to adhere to a variety of surfaces. MicroCements are used in decorative applications both interior and exterior as well as vertical surfaces. They can be left uncolored to simulate natural gray cement for re-surfacing old driveways, patios, sidewalks and pool decks. You can also change the color of your existing concrete to a color of your choice. Finishes can be stain, brushed, troweled or textured as needed.

Vertical Concrete

These tenacious mixes are formulated to go on thickly without sagging, allowing them to be embellished with deep rock textures, wood-grain patterns, grout joints and many other carved or imprinted designs created with special stamps, texturing skins and sculpting tools. What’s more, vertical overlays can be colored and stained to simulate the appearance of natural stone, brick or other wall materials. Hand-carved vertical overlays are one of the newest trends in decorative concrete. Basements can be turned into stone-walled coves and old closets into wine cellars, the design possibilities are endless. Clients like the idea that they are getting something that’s one of a kind.

Contractor’s License #:  13VH00609300