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All stamped concrete is not the same. With a crew that has over 65 years experience with stamped and colored concrete, it allows Unique Concrete to produce a product of unmatched strength and durability. Our stamped concrete process offers excellent quality control and the realistic look of custom masonry. We are essentially creating a custom concrete paver or tile in place. By doing this we are a very green alternative to concrete pavers which are produced off site at a plant and produce a large carbon footprint on their way to your job.

While the demands of every job are different, our process remains the same. With our unique 2 step process, we can create a product that is more heavily reinforced than any other process. This is a claim others make, but can not back up. Our structural slabs are always reinforced with steel rebar and 2 ¼” structural synthetic fibers. By pouring this heavily reinforced structural slab, we can guarantee against uneven settling, a problem that plagues concrete pavers that are laid on a sand base.

On top of this structural slab, we pour 1 1/4” of integrally colored 3 dimensionally reinforced quality concrete fortified with PVA fibers and an added water repellant. This step of our process is always mixed on site, allowing for the utmost in quality control and less destruction to the environment. This concrete overlay is embossed with a texture and pattern to create a cast-in-place concrete tile or paver with the look of stone or brick and is guaranteed not to delaminate (both resurfacing and new construction). All of the impressions that are placed in the concrete to define the pattern are actually grouted. It is important to note that this is not a simulated grout joint that relies on a superficial stain for a color difference. The color difference between our concrete tile(or paver) and grout is permanent.

The use of integral colors and our new sealer/densifier system, offers you a product that never needs to be resealed, creating a product that will age very gracefully over time, much like a cast stone or concrete paver would. Maintenance becomes much easier with our product as well. This system utilizes all waterbased products which means it is very environmentally friendly as well as an easy product for a homeowner or business owner to maintain. All other stamped concrete requires periodic sealing in order to maintain its color, this is often a hidden cost. Also, if a chip should ever occur on an edge, colored concrete is seen and not uncolored concrete as would be the case if a dry shake coloring process was employed.

The saw cuts and control joints are designed to be within the grout joints and not indiscriminately applied across the pattern. Finally, this stamped concrete surface is rubbed with a grindstone to eliminate any sharp edges that might be uncomfortable for barefoot traffic. The end result is a decorative concrete product that is naturally beautiful, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.