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Concrete countertops are one of the hottest trends in both indoor and outdoor kitchens these days. The reason for this increased popularity is the versatility of concrete in general. It can be sculpted and formed to a limitless end, the only limit is your imagination. Almost any color, effect, shape and size are possible along with a wide array of edge detail. There are two main ways of creating concrete counters, cast-in-place or precast. Different applications will require different methods, for instance, if a counter with no seams is desired, then cast in place is the proper method. By casting or pouring the counters on site and in place, more exotic shapes and sizes are able to be accomplished. Not only can we create larger spans, we can also possibly eliminate the need for seams or areas where individual pieces meet. In most cases casting off site will allow for a wider array of effects and also better quality control. If the counter is cast off site there will most likely be seams. These seams can be become a decorative aspect in some cases by using metal inlays. Also precast pieces can be designed with integral drainboards or metal trivets near stoves.

Precast concrete pieces are not just limited to your kitchen. You can create bathroom counters, sinks, fireplace mantels and hearths, desks, tables, outdoor benches, decorative mouldings, custom pool copings, and pier caps. Concrete also works great for outdoor bar or outdoor kitchen counters, a concept that is growing at a rapid pace. People are doing more and more entertaining outdoors these days with outdoor kitchens.

Just like everything else we do, each counter is unique to that specific job, something gives this product its charm.

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