• Concrete Countertops

    Concrete Sinks, Fire Features, Precast Concrete, Cast in Place, Wall Panels

Concrete is rapidly becoming a material that both homeowners and designers are incorporating into their homes, offices, and many other spaces. Perhaps by now most people have heard of the use of concrete for kitchen countertops. With the versatility of concrete, you can create a work of art in the smallest of spaces or have the option to go as large as you want. With different methods, you are not limited to the slabs at the stone yard like other materials. Every piece of concrete is designed and built for the customer that orders it, that makes it personal.Concrete is no longer thought of as just an option in the kitchen. Bathrooms are now filling up with concrete. Concrete floors have been used in bathrooms for years, but now concrete sinks and counters are common place. We can design and form any size counter or any shape sink, the possibilities are truely unlimited. With a wide range of color and casting options, concrete can fit any style or decor. Moving on from concrete countertops in the kitchen and concrete sinks in the bathroom, concrete has a place in many other places inside or outside in the home or out of the home.We have built and designed foyer tables, coffee tables, wall tiles, floor tiles, water features, and many other pieces with concrete. Concrete’s true beauty is its ability to do almost anything with.