Unique concrete has developed a process for interior concrete flooring. This application of decorative concrete can be used over wood or concrete substrates and can be designed to be either bonded or unbonded to the existing floor. This gives us the ability to cover concrete floors that have failed, been painted, cracked, or settled, i.e. basement floors. This decorative concrete overlay creates a cast-in-place concrete tile with the look of brick or stone, and can be used to remodel almost any room in your home, not limited to only the first level.

Concrete floors have the ability to absorb heat much better than many other solid surface options. The heat that is absorbed can keep rooms much warmer in the winter months. To take this thought a step further, these stamped concrete floors can incorporate radiant heat. In these situations our process allows the tubing or mats to be placed closer to the surface than in situations that call for a full thickness slab. By doing this, we can provide a better and quicker thermal response.

These concrete tile floors are unaffected by moisture problems that may occur in basements or improperly installed slab floors that would prevent the use of wood or carpeting. By creating a custom cast-in-place concrete tile or paver, every job becomes truly unique. Unlike tile or wood flooring each job is approached and tailored to the customers specifications, no two floors are the same. Concrete floors are also extremely pet friendly as well as a great flooring choice for flood prone areas. A simple throw rug can soften the feel of the floor and be changed much easier than wall to wall carpeting.

Our process creates a much stronger floor than ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles. Our ability to add three dimensional internal reinforcement, make these floors extremely rugged and durable, unlike anything else. Protective sealers are applied for both stain resistance, ease of maintenance and can be used to achieve whatever look the customer chooses. This colored and patterned concrete flooring can also be considered for use in newly constructed homes where the desired finish is the look tile, brick, or stone. In many cases we are more cost effective than using real brick, stone, or tile.