Our construction process is quite different than what has become accepted as “traditional stamped” or “patterned concrete”. We have developed this approach to create a product that is more durable, more realistic looking, and offers better quality control over the entire course of the job. Most other stamped concrete companies use large rubber mats to stamp their concrete. This process tries to mimic natural products, and in most cases it does this unsuccessfully. They rely heavily on stains and faux grout joints in order to look more like real stone, brick or tile. In order to preserve these faux grout joints, the concrete will require frequent resealing, which is often a hidden cost. Our new system utilizes a very environmentally friendly approach and does not require resealing. Should the customer chose to have their product resealed, we have designed a system that is homeowner or business owner friendly if they would like to maintain the product on their own.

In many cases, when a costumer desires a more natural looking product they will opt for concrete pavers for their pool patio or paver driveway. We have developed a process that combines concrete pavers with steel reinforced stamped concrete. We can create a natural looking product with real grout joints that is laid over a heavily reinforced structural slab, and we will guarantee that it will not delaminate. This is guarantee is something that you will usually not be offered with real stone since it relies on mortar to adhere it to the structural slab.

The end result is a very natural and durable concrete tile or paver. It presents the realistic look and beauty of traditional custom masonry with the durability of heavily reinforced concrete done cost effectively.