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Our process for the new construction of pool areas and patios is very different than many of the other processes. For patio construction the process begins with proper grading. We take the time to insure that the concrete is poured at a uniform depth. This is usually at a minimum thickness of 4” for the structural slab. This structural slab will be reinforced with both ½” steel rods and 2 ¼” structural synthetic fibers. This reinforcement is the key to success in any situation. It is far superior to a pervious base that is used with pavers, as well as the typical wire mesh that most stamped concrete companies use. By using all of this reinforcement we are able to space out control joints to make them aesthetically pleasing by integrating them into the pattern or design. Also for patio areas we can incorporate outdoor kitchens, firepits, outdoor fireplaces, the options are limitless. Another option offered for patio areas is the concept of a raised patio. This is a more durable option than a wooden deck that is near grade and can be designed with built in seat walls. We can also offer decorative concrete for these vertical sections using form liners.

Pool patios is an area that can really benefit from our ability to overly reinforce the concrete. Concrete pavers often have many shortcomings in paver pool patios. In many cases it is difficult to properly compact the soil around delicate plumbing lines. Insufficient compaction can lead to unwanted settling of paver pool patios and unwanted cracking of concrete that just has wire mesh. Our ability to add ½” steel rods and 21/4” structural synthetic fibers is a major advantage. Also with our two step process, we can make sure the reinforcement is where it needs to be.

Our decorative concrete tile mix is an 1 ½” of integrally colored, 3 dimensionally reinforced, high performance concrete. We have taken the time to design this mix from the ingredients up. This means that we do not rely solely on topical sealers for stain and abrasion resistance, we use special admixtures that help to densify the concrete and resist water penetration. We mix this portion on site to be certain of a high quality mix. This overlay is embossed with a texture and a pattern to create a cast-in-place concrete tile with the look of brick or stone that is guaranteed not to delaminate.

The end result is a product that represents the realistic look and beauty of traditional custom masonry with the durability of heavily reinforced concrete, done in a cost effective way.