• Concrete Resurfacing

    Resurfacing Existing Exterior Concrete

We have developed a method of resurfacing concrete that can dramatically change the look of your existing hardscape. This process allows you to update the look of you concrete or add additional areas. We specialize in areas that would normally not be considered as acceptable candidates for concrete overlays. These surfaces can be cracked, spalled, settled, painted, or failed in some way. This process of concrete restoration is reinforced with a combination of wire mesh, steel rods, 2 ¼” structural synthetic fibers and PVA fibers . This concrete overlay is integrally colored and creates a cast-in-place concrete tile or paver, with the look of brick or stone as well as having the structural integrity of heavily reinforced concrete. This product is guaranteed to not delaminate or seperate. The deep impressions that are made in the concrete to define the pattern are actually grouted with an integrally colored, complimentary colored grout. This decorative stamped concrete product will not have any sharp edges that may be uncomfortable for barefoot traffic and will not be slippery.Our resurfacing overlay can be bonded if the original surface is structurally sound or unbonded if the surface has failed in some way. This is not an application of a sprayed on product or a thin polymer modified concrete. The end result is a decorative concrete product that is durable and easy to maintain. By resurfacing your existing concrete, rather than removal, it causes less damage to your landscaping and shortens the construction time, as well at less material ending up in a land fill. Therefore making it a very “Green” alternative.

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