Resurfacing Patios & Pool Decks

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Unique Concrete has the ability, through extensive trials and testing, to resurface existing concrete patios and pool decks. Our product can not only be used to update the look of pool decks and patios, but we can also resurface areas that have failed in someway. Most concrete resurfacing products are polymer modified cements. These products are generally not designed for harsh climates, and they require an excellent bond to the existing substrate. This requires the existing concrete to be in excellent structural condition, if it is not, then you will run the risk of delamination. If the concrete is in pour shape, i.e., spalling (top surface delaminations), settling, cracking, or inferior installations, you will not be able to use these polymer modified products. Often your only option is to tear out and install something in its place. In this instance our process can become very cost effective.

Using our custom concrete tile resurfacing process for improving existing concrete pool decks can be very cost effective. In many cases the existing concrete around pools has either settled or cracked to due improper compacting of soil prior to the original pour. Removal of this concrete can be very costly and can also lead to damaging of the pool and pool plumbing, which can make the job even more expensive. In most cases our unique process can save you thousands.

Another method that we have developed is the ability to cover the wide metal coping that is very common with older vinyl liner pools. Prior to us developing our resurfacing method, your only option was to remove this metal coping, which can be very labor intensive, therefore very costly. In most cases we can go right over top of this coping with a heavily reinforced concrete overlay. This process will not interfere with the ability to change liners in the future.

We have won several international awards over the past few years and been featured in concrete industry magazines and online publications using these techniques. We have many examples of these processes in the gallery below.